What can the arts world expect from MAMA?

The final mission of MAMA staff and participants is to sustain the development and diffusion of arts and to support the growth of art institutions. For this reason we are committed to partnering with arts organizations waiting to improve their management capacity.

MAMA participants have a passion for arts and are aware of the specific knowledge and skills that are necessary to work in arts organizations.MAMA specific curriculum (together with participant backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences) give them a true competitive advantage, when compared with candidates of other programs.

MAMA participants are international as well as multicultural, speaking excellent English, fluent in Italian as well as other languages with ages ranging between 25 to 35, and at least one year of work experience.

Arts institutions and organizations are willing to collaborate with students, commissioning field projects or hosting internships that allow an exchange of knowledge, ideas and passion. These opportunities will form the basis for lasting relationships with MAMA and its arts management community.

Any arts institution can collaborate with MAMA through:

  • Internships
  • Field projects
  • Recruiting
  • Research projects with the MAMA Faculty