The MAFED Incubator

The MAFED promotes the MAFED Incubator, to give you the opportunity to transform your ideas into business ventures in the fashion, luxury and design industries.


During your year in the MAFED, you are trained to deal with the key issues needed to understand those businesses where creativity must cope with management. The course “Business Planning” is dedicated to creating a document that can chart the path of a new business. It can be a tool to realistically appraise your chances for success before committing time and money, and before involving the financial and business communities.


You are also offered the opportunity to develop your promising venture concepts through individual entrepreneurial projects, supervised by the Course Coordinator and key MAFED faculty experts in the field.


Tutors support you in all the phases needed to carry out a new venture:

  • The early-assessment stage, designed to measure the feasibility of the project, by taking into consideration the vision of the project and the resilience of the founder.
  • The business planning process, identifying industry opportunities, the players, and the competitive advantages of the idea from a commercial, operational, and organizational point of view.
  • The formal writing of a complete business plan in all its sections: Product/Service Description, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Organization, Financials.


Students who have entrepreneurial projects with promising and winning features that involve innovation and technological content are favored on a faster track to marketplace.