Module 6 - Roma

Marketing Creativity & Innovation

The ideation and development of new products represent one of the key assets that firms can exploit to maintain and expand their market position in today’s dynamic markets. This course develops your understanding of how firms use innovation to position themselves strategically, from the perspective of a Chief Innovation Officer and a Chief Marketing Officer. The course is organized around three sections. It first provides a practical introduction to the process of formulating an innovation strategy. Second, it focuses on the theme of organizational creativity. Third, it covers the major phases and tools related to new product development.

Price Strategy and Management

Consumers and customers perceive price as value for money. This course addresses strategic and tactical issues related to the company's pricing policy and to the customer's perception of price: how to set prices on a product for the first time, how to modify a product's price over time and space to meet varying circumstances and opportunities, how to initiate and respond to price changes.