Module 5 - Madrid

CRM and Business Intelligence

Customers rather than products are the most precious assets of a company. This course on customer relationship management will provide vision, strategy, operations, technology, and organizational tools for building a customer-focused organization based on customer profitability and relationship management.

Marketing Analytics in the Era of Big Data

The industrial Internet is increasingly allowing firms to measure consumer data (usage data, perceptions data, and preference data) as part of regular business, without a study. Large amounts of data are collected, stored, and organized. The fact that “Big Data” are increasingly available to support strategic decision-making is an absolutely amazing advance. But it is going to challenge you as a marketing strategist because now it is going to be up to you to:

  • Judge what questions to ask from the market measurement data;
  • Understand what the measurement data tells you about your markets;
  • Know how to link cause and effect between your resources.

Social Media Marketing

Any doubts we are in a digital race? The goal of this course is to understand exactly the impact on this new environment, and how organizations can benefit from them, understanding the risks and the value of this new paradigm called the digital age, and how this may affect the way we communicate, how we consume, how we choose, how we compare, and how we purchase. We will focus on 360° digital marketing, on its direct impact and transformation in current marketing companies’ strategies, and on the tactical implementation in their communication plan.

Group Field Project Works: Challenges and Kick-Off

During this module the groups will present their field projects on real-world challenges. Companies and school tutors will attend the meeting personally or online, sharing with the class the goals and tasks for an effective first set up. Following this presentation the groups will start their field project, which will culminate with a final presentation and discussion in Barcelona during the last module.