Module 5 - Madrid

Social Media Marketing

Any doubts we are in a digital race? The goal of this course is to understand exactly the impact on this new environment, and how organizations can benefit from them, understanding the risks and the value of this new paradigm called the digital age, and how this may affect the way we communicate, how we consume, how we choose, how we compare, and how we purchase. We will focus on 360° digital marketing, on its direct impact and transformation in current marketing companies’ strategies, and on the tactical implementation in their communication plan.

Sales Management 2

This course follows the first sales course (Sales Management I in module 2) and presents conceptual models, managerial methods, practical tools, and real world examples concerning some key sales management decisions in B2B relationships. Main topics explored are: designing and aligning the sales force organization with the marketing strategies; designing and managing an effective compensation plan to motivate sales people and to drive their performances; key account management programs that work: challenges and key contents in segmentation, organization, and planning.

CRM and AI for Marketers & Sellers

Group Field Project Works: Challenges and Kick-Off

During this module the groups will present their field projects on real-world challenges. Companies and school tutors will attend the meeting personally or online, sharing with the class the goals and tasks for an effective first set up. Following this presentation the groups will start their field project, which will culminate with a final presentation and discussion in Barcelona during the last module.