Module 4 - Barcelona

Finance for Marketing & Sales

Understanding the financial side of marketing and sales decisions has become a key competence required for marketing and sales people. In this course you learn to interpret a balance sheet and an income statement, to understand your financials and those of your competitors, and to evaluate the economics of marketing and sales strategies.


Brand Management

Branding has become a critical issue in marketing management, as it is increasingly the most influential element in determining the difference between equally competitive products. The course covers the most relevant topics in brand management: the meaning and the measurement of customer-based brand equity, the dynamics and the architecture of a company's brand portfolio, and the roles and functions of different brands.


Marketing Analytics in the Era of Big Data

The industrial Internet is increasingly allowing firms to measure consumer data (usage data, perceptions data, and preference data) as part of regular business, without a study. Large amounts of data are collected, stored, and organized. The fact that “Big Data” are increasingly available to support strategic decision-making is an absolutely amazing advance. But it is going to challenge you as a marketing strategist because now it is going to be up to you to:

  • Judge what questions to ask from the market measurement data;
  • Understand what the measurement data tells you about your markets;
  • Know how to link cause and effect between your resources.