Executive Master in Marketing and Sales | SDA Bocconi

Module 4 - Barcelona

Finance for Marketing & Sales

Understanding the financial side of marketing and sales decisions has become a key competence required for marketing and sales people. In this course you learn to interpret a balance sheet and an income statement, to understand your financials and those of your competitors, and to evaluate the economics of marketing and sales strategies.


CRM and Business Intelligence

Customers rather than products are the most precious assets of a company. This course on customer relationship management will provide vision, strategy, operations, technology, and organizational tools for building a customer-focused organization based on customer profitability and relationship management.


International Marketing

In an increasingly global marketplace, companies must be able to move deftly in an international arena. In this course you will learn to formulate effective international marketing strategies and to make crucial trade-offs between standardizing and localizing marketing and sales programs.


Workshop: Leading and Managing People

Regardless of any one particular industry, functional role, or technical expertise, personal time is increasingly focused on managing and communicating with the individuals and teams in your workplace. This workshop aims to achieve the following learning objectives: raise self-awareness; learn how to lead through having powerful conversation; understand how to create a high-performing team; provide tools for leading people and teams.