Executive Master in Marketing and Sales | SDA Bocconi

Module 3 - Milano

Price Strategy and Management

Consumers and customers perceive price as value for money. This course addresses strategic and tactical issues related to the company's pricing policy and to the customer's perception of price: how to set prices on a product for the first time, how to modify a product's price over time and space to meet varying circumstances and opportunities, how to initiate and respond to price changes.


Sales Management/1

This course presents conceptual models, managerial methods, practical tools, and real-world examples concerning some key sales management decisions. Main topics are: a general framework on modern sales management; the changing role of selling and sales management in organizations; managing change in the sales force; leading and managing salespeople’s performance.


Strategic Marketing

A successful marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the market and the competitive arena. Business intelligence is used to foresee development opportunities and to create and deliver the best value for customers. This course is concerned with the process of strategic marketing management and the implementation of marketing strategies for companies in different stages of an industry, in different competitive positions, and in different economic environments.