Module 2 - Barcelona

Marketing Research

Generating and analyzing market data and organizing the generation of consumer, customer, and competitor insights within an organization are pillars for marketing and sales management. This course offers methods, tools, and techniques for qualitative and quantitative marketing research.

Sales Management I

This course presents conceptual models, managerial methods, practical tools, and real-world examples concerning some key sales management decisions. Main topics are: a general framework on modern sales management; the changing role of selling and sales management in organizations; managing change in the sales force; leading and managing salespeople’s performance.

Going to the Market

Once the target for a given product is decided, it's time to set up the "path to the market," the entire route that the product will follow in its passage to the final customer. This course focuses on the methodology used to design an optimal and integrated commercial strategy. As more and more companies are interested in selling to the end consumer, the course will also include guides to creating powerful retail formulae, through both traditional and Internet channels. Innovation orientation and its holistic commercial approach are important characteristics of this course.

Workshop: Leading and Managing People

Regardless of any one particular industry, functional role, or technical expertise, personal time is increasingly focused on managing and communicating with the individuals and teams in your workplace. This workshop aims to achieve the following learning objectives: raise self-awareness; learn how to lead through having powerful conversation; understand how to create a high-performing team; provide tools for leading people and teams.