Module 1 - Milano

Marketing Management

Analyzing market opportunities, researching and selecting targets, developing market strategies, planning marketing tactics, and implementing and controlling the marketing effort: these are the essential steps of the marketing management process covered by the course.

Channel & Retail Management

This course examines topics related to the management of distribution channels: the nature of marketing channels and the global trends that characterize them; the issues that companies face in designing, managing, evaluating, and changing their channels; marketing channel issues from the perspective of retailers, wholesalers, and physical distribution agencies.

Workshop: Consumption Innovation

This workshop casts marketing in a peculiar light by examining it from the point of view of the consumers’ lives and the web of communal relationships in which they are suspended. This impacts marketing management directly and helps to critically rethink the business approach. Stressing such a critical focus, the workshop makes extensive use of research-oriented pedagogy.