The EMMS Ambassadors

Would you like to get in touch with EMMS Alumni to find out more about their experience? Are you planning to apply for EMMS and would like to get insider's view on the program? Please feel free to connect with one of our Ambassadors: they will be happy to answer your questions and provide advice on your decision, clarifying any doubts, or simply having a chat with you.

Higor Rodrigues Batagin | EMMS 2018
Key Account Manager EMEA - Whirlpool Corporation

"I was looking for a program that could give me a broader view about what's going on and what are the trends for Marketing and Sales across several industries as well in-depth knowledge in the areas where I currently operate, without having to step away from the market. I am more than happy to find that EMMS offered me more than what I was looking for: learning from the experience of the faculties of two top-notch Business Schools while experiencing a multi-cultural and multi-industry environment formed by other participants and their experiences. The enhancements in my skill set and in my thinking process were real, and translated into my career even before I finished the program."


Alberto Lora Lamia | EMMS 2018
Marketing Manager - The Dow Chemical Company

"Excellent experience at EMMS 11!!! EMMS proved to be a wonderful source of knowledge, suitable as preparation for a management role in marketing and sales, as well as for professionals already engaged in these functions wanting to sharpen their skills and tools and excel in their roles. Contents cover from establishing best practices to the cutting edge of the industry evolution, for example when discussing digital communication and business, or customer satisfaction and a focus on individual marketing. The quality of the lecturers and their research and consulting work, clearly contribute to make the master up-to-date and connected with professional reality. An effective blend of lectures, workshops, simulations, and case studies, addressed individually or in teams, makes the delivery of the content engaging and stimulating. The balanced blend of business-to-consumer and business-to-business perspectives, with a great breath of industries, adds to make the experience enriching and eye-opening."


Nicolas Vargas | EMMS 2017
Data-based content management and communication - RCS Corriere della Sera

"After 14 exiting, challenging and wonderful months I can define my EMMS experience as life changing. With more than 10 years work experience in data journalism, in a technical position, EMMS was exactly what I was looking for in order to broaden my managerial skills and build up my professional profile towards business development. The quality of teachers from these two renowned European Business Schools, the multicultural peer-to-peer interactions and the balance between face-to-face and distance learning activities made this program a unique experience which has enriched me far beyond my expectations. EMMS has been content updated, eye-opening and has added great value to my long-term career aspirations."


Pedro Bermudo | EMMS 2014
Consultant in Marketing Excellence, Paris

"I joined the EMMS 7 because I wanted to learn something about Marketing and about Sales. I was involved in these areas before joining the master and I wanted just to learn. With the EMMS, I just not only reached my goal of “learning”, I got much more than learning: I “lived” the knowledge of what is Marketing and what is Sales and how companies can progress efficiently based on these concepts. I enjoyed at 100% this EMMS experience. Everything just changed, EMMS helped me to progress in my professional life."


Gerlinde Layr-Gizycki | EMMS 2017
Managing Director, LGT Bank AG

"When I applied for the EMMS program as a manager with a finance and human resources background, I was asked about my reasons for joining the program. Marketing and sales are part of our professional and private lives nowadays. You cannot "not sell" today. Joining EMMS was one of the best decisions of my life. It definitely increased my personal USP. I know now exactly what sales and marketing people mean when they talk about customer value proposition, customer journey experience, customer touch points, etc. I understand that emotions may at a certain point be more crucial to business success than just looking at the financials. EMMS broadened my horizons and increased my impact on the business."


Emanuele Zinna | EMMS 2017
Managing Director, Lorenzo Strona & Partners

"EMMS has radically changed my approach to business, problem solving, time management and life in general. During those challenging 14 months I had the privilege to exchange ideas with amazing professors and learn new concepts to redefine my managerial skills. The perfect balance between group assignments, distance learning and face-to-face classes allowed me to immediately put into practice the acquired knowledge in my job activities."