Network and Career Development

Throughout the 9-month period, the EMMIO Program supports participants in their career and personal development.
In particular it offers a one-to-one Executive Coaching, which aims to help participants step in their current or future leadership roles and is designed to serve individual development goals. One-to-One sessions will place throughout the year via a mix of media, in accordance with the international coach Federation ethics and confidentiality framework and are delivered by SDA Bocconi certified coaches.
Additionally, we coordinate events and initiatives dedicated to the larger community of SDA Bocconi specialized Master programs, that EMMIO candidates are welcome to attend.

Joining the EMMIO Program means becoming part of a network of mavericks, shapers, shakers, out-of the box thinkers. You will be part of a group of professionals that are the face of the multilateral system that we all want, who are changing the face of international institutions with their energy, entrepreneurship and skills and that are here to stay.