Traceable and sustainable: the must haves of future fashion

Sustainability, circularity, traceability and transparency: in recent years, these principles have been the drivers of the entire fashion industry, which is now focusing on green collections and value chains with the lowest possible environmental impact.  


The pandemic has acted as an accelerator of the processes that are currently underway. We’ve seen regulatory moves such as obligatory recycling of textile waste in Italy, and a new European strategy for sustainable and circular textile products. And the expectations of final users (i.e. not only consumers) are becoming more and more sensitive to environmental impact as well. In fact, as they change their buying habits, these users want brands that accompany them on their journey. All this means that fashion companies need to be very vigilant in every phase in the life of their products: enhancing traceability and transparency in the value chain has become an objective to pursue with single-minded determination. 

In this podcast from our Sustainability Talks Series, Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Director of the Monitor for Circular Fashion at SDA Bocconi, and Silvia Mazzanti, Sustainability Manager at Save The Duck, discuss the opportunities linked to traceability in the fashion industry.