How to promote effective creativity in your company

Debunking ten false convictions and theories, this book redefines the concept of creativity in companies, proposing concrete actions that can be taken at an individual, team, and organizational level to generate original, constructive ideas.

In every organization, encouraging creativity and managing it properly is essential to innovate and to support growth and competitive advantage. In fact, one of the key competencies at any level in an organization is creativity, which even the World Economic Forum lists as one of the most in-demand skills on the labor market. But often creativity in companies is associated with false beliefs: it is inborn; it is the exclusive prerogative of young people; it is an individual trait, not a group one; it cannot have restrictions (in terms of time or money) at an organizational level; it is exclusively future-focused; it is universally recognized; and it means the same thing to all people. The ambition of this book is to debunk these and other beliefs that lead to behaviors and managerial practices that are not always effective, providing a useful new contribution for people who work in companies. New because it discredits widespread convictions, rebuilding a number of novel interpretations for creativity; useful because the book offers concrete suggestions that individuals and teams can action on a daily basis.



  • Publisher: EGEA
  • Series: Leading Management
  • Date of Publication: April 2021
  • EAN: 9788823838031
  • ISBN: 9788823838031
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: e-Pub and paper