Jul 2024 08:30 - 10:00 | CEST

MAFED experience: Online session with Artemest: How to balance phygital environments

Format Online
Language ENGLISH
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In an era where the line between the physical and digital worlds is increasingly blurred, delivering coherent and predictable messages across various channels is no longer sufficient. Companies need to rethink the essence of their relationships with customers at every touchpoint in their journey towards the brand.
We are excited to present a special online session featuring Lucrezia Doria, Head of Brand & Special Projects at Artemest as part of the prestigious Master in Fashion, Design, and Experience Management at SDA Bocconi.


Session Focus:

Introduction to the Workshop of ‘Orchestrating Phygital Touchpoints’

Explore how to balance phygital environments from the unique perspective of Artemest, a leader in luxury craftsmanship and digital innovation.


Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding customer expectations and maximizing satisfaction from a fresh perspective
  • Creating engaging phygital experiences that resonate with modern consumers
  • Practical frameworks for strategic thinking in marketing
  • Essential skills and technologies to enhance the customer experience at each point of contact


This session is perfect for prospective candidates who aspire to elevate their careers in the fashion and luxury industries and are looking at our Master in Fashion, Design and Experience Management to reach that.

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For any questions, please contact:
Valentina Mardegan, Recruiting and Admissions

We look forward to welcoming you to this enlightening session and to the SDA Bocconi community.

Keynote Speakers

Lucrezia Doria
Head of Brand & Special Projects,
Chiara Piancatelli
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Valentina Mardegan
Recruiting & Admissions

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