Angelini-SDA Bocconi, a successful partnership

The partnership between SDA Bocconi and Angelini Industries started back in 2017 with the first “Global Climate Survey”, aimed at the employees of all the companies in the group and supported by the Angelini Foundation. SDA Bocconi has then supported the mission of Angelini Industries over the years through an Academy focusing on the development of talents and managers of the group. This multifaceted cooperation has resulted in a multi-project, multi-channel and multi-methodology partnership. Angelini Academy and SDA Bocconi have designed and delivered highly personalized training programs for executives from the various companies in the group, with a view to strengthening and consolidating specific skills as well as nurturing a sense of leadership in line with the group’s values. These training journeys have then been extended to the entire workforce, focusing on different targets through different programs.


In 2020, leveraging the opportunities offered by the digital evolution, Angelini Academy decided to widen its educational package by designing and initiating a portfolio of on-demand online programs. An international group of over 1,200 participants will be selected. SDA Bocconi provides Angelini Academy with targeted programs that allow participants maximum flexibility of use with the modes and timing that best suit their individual needs.


The programs are taught in Italian and English, and cover a wide range of topics – from Personal Branding and Agile Management to Digital Supply Chain and Value-Based Management – in order for them to meet the needs of the various professionals involved. During the 4 months available to complete each course, participants attend learning units that are varied in terms of contents, applications and methodologies (for example video clips, interviews, exercises, questionnaires, articles, case studies). The acquired skills are always checked through specifically designed final tests.



I believe that Angelini has shown it is fully aware of the potential of online on-demand courses. They offer a wide range of employees located in different countries, and different time zones, the opportunity to access a variety of high-quality training content, in a flexible way that is consistent with individual work schedules and learning pace, “ said Gabriele Troilo. “The online on-demand format is the only way to combine effective learning with operational efficiency when training such a wide and diverse audience.

Gabriele Troilo
Associate Dean for SDA Bocconi Online Learning


The aim of Angelini Academy is to contribute to the growth of Angelini Industries in terms of international leadership and advanced management skills,” added Angelini’s Tiziana Carnicelli. “For this reason, a corporate program schedule that we manage centrally complements the professional development programs put in place by individual operational companies, and is delivered through partnerships with international business schools and the development of a flexible and measurable learning process. SDA Bocconi’s on-demand online program is user-friendly and guarantees excellent content, allowing us to reach very high numbers at a sustainable cost.

Tiziana Carnicelli
Angelini Holding S.p.A.