Angelini-SDA Bocconi, a successful partnership

The partnership between SDA Bocconi and Angelini Industries started back in 2017 with the first “Global Climate Survey”, aimed at the employees of all the companies in the group and supported by the Angelini Foundation. SDA Bocconi has then supported the mission of Angelini Industries over the years through an Academy focusing on the development of talents and managers of the group. This multifaceted cooperation has resulted in a multi-project, multi-channel and multi-methodology partnership.

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Credit Suisse-SDA Bocconi, new experiences at the service of financial knowledge

Credit Suisse’s mission is to invest in building lasting value by serving their clients with care. This is also the spirit that led to the collaboration between the Bank and SDA Bocconi School of Management. Since 2019, a series of seminars have been designed for groups of private bankers, investment bankers and asset managers addressing innovative topics, such as the most recent financial regulation, asset-class opportunities and risks, and investment solutions for different categories of savers.

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Vodafone and SDA Bocconi collaborate on the new frontier of “Digital Selling”

In 2021, Vodafone Italia decided to invest in the future of its managers and professionals through two important custom-made managerial training courses designed and delivered with SDA Bocconi and included in Vodafone’s Marketing Academy and Sales Academy.