The power of networks

The impact and influence of the web of relationships that shape our lives and the business world is the focus of the new episode of the Story Scanner podcast


Networks shape all our lives - consisting of the web of relationships supporting the many functions we fulfill in life and at work, from taking decisions to socializing, innovating, planning, learning and developing careers. And relationship networks appear increasingly relevant today due to the exponential growth of interconnectedness between systems, societies, and economies – with social and competitive processes occurring in an increasingly ‘small’ world.


Networks are the focus of this new episode of Story Scanner - the podcast based on the stories headlining ViaSarfatti25, the magazine from Bocconi University, with analysis and insights from Bocconi professors and researchers on the big topics in business, management, data science and politics.


Giuseppe Soda, Dean of SDA Bocconi, helps us understand more about the ‘power’ of networks and their relevance in the business world, including insight from a particular study on their influence on innovation and creative processes. Whilst Sonja Opper, Global Strategy professor at Bocconi, discusses about networks in different contexts around the world and a study of hers on the effects of CEOs’ social networks on business strategy.


You can listen to the podcast here:

the link of episode # 2 uploaded to Spotify



SDA Bocconi School of Management.

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