Navigating leadership challenges in today's transformative landscape: SDA Bocconi's unique approach

Global Leaders Program


In a dynamic world where change is constant and far-reaching, top managers are dealing with intricate challenges that span economic, political, and socio-demographic realms. The rapid evolution of technology and the rise of artificial intelligence only add layers of complexity to these challenges. Against this backdrop, SDA Bocconi introduces a unique approach designed to empower leaders with the skills to address contemporary issues through diverse perspectives and unconventional learning experiences, with the aim to equip top executives with the tools to redefine their leadership styles and influence in an ever-transforming global landscape.

This is the context that has led to the development of the Global Leaders Program: rather than adhering to a conventional format, this approach serves as a platform where participants can engage with economically and geopolitically significant topics, seamlessly integrating the realms of digital and sustainable transformations into the discourse. The initiative offers also a unique chance to immerse oneself in the Italian culture of excellence. Participants will explore the realms of art, culture, design, and fashion, gaining invaluable insights into these domains that are integral to Italian identity. From educational sessions with sports champions and renowned chefs to exclusive visits to iconic venues within the fashion industry and masterpieces of Italian art, these encounters offer a firsthand understanding of excellence in various disciplines.

“Overwhelming uncertainty might discourage striving for experimentation and the exploration of unconventional paths of growth - Emanuela Prandelli, Program Director, comments - we want to offer top executive an opportunity to step out their daily high-pressure context for one week and get inspirations through conversations with distinguished scholars and peers in a truly multicultural environment, to raise the impact of their leadership while living memorable experiences”.

The emphasis on unconventional learning experiences allows individuals to step back from their daily routines and question their beliefs, fostering fresh perspectives through meaningful engagement with distinguished academics and fellow participants. By providing a space for reflection and dialogue, this initiative aims to shape leaders who can navigate nonlinear scenarios with agility and creativity, making a positive impact in their organizations and beyond.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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