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We can guess the origin story from the name: JRS+ was born from the bond of friendship between the company’s three founders. In fact, Giancarlo Jemma, Federico Romano and Mario Stella choose the initials of their last names to give concrete form to an idea that came to them during their months at SDA Bocconi in the 2015 Executive Master in Business Administration. They added the plus sign because they were convinced that the power of their entrepreneurial intuition and the potential for their startup to go beyond the three individual partners.

In the words of Mario Stella: “During our SDA Bocconi experience, we realized that a number of consolidated markets, like the machining market, were paying the price for a serious lack of innovation. This was happening because the companies anchored on stable market positions weren’t interested in innovating or they didn’t know what financial tools were available to do so. On the other hand, the startups in the industry were paying the opposite price: they had a great spirit of innovation but a hard time breaking into the market.”

This realization was what motivated the three partners to found JRS+ in 2018. The goal of this innovative startup was to integrate new projects into existing companies, financing project activities independently. Here’s what Giancarlo Jemma has to say: “Our market approach was unusual, original for a startup, that is, acquiring a mature, solid, stable company. So in December 2019, we acquired a successful, long-standing manufacturer specialized in industrial precision mechanical bar turning, MITOM srl in Piorino [Italy]. Our goal, beyond bridging the typical gaps of startups, was to generate the cash flows we needed right away to invest in innovative projects.”

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