It was a full Opening Week for our MBA


Shared values, identity, teamwork and networking were the most important topics discussed during Opening Week, which officially kicked off SDA Bocconi School of Management's Master in Business Administration.

The goal of these five inspiring days was to get the new school year off to the best possible start and to introduce new MBA48 class to the themes and content that will be addressed over the next 12 months.

The week opened with an Opening Ceremony, led by Bocconi University Rector Gianmario Verona, Dean Giuseppe Soda, Program Director Stefano Pogutz and Bocconi University Senior Professor of Strategic Management Robert Grant, who immediately set the tone for the program. Their speeches were focused on reinforcing the identifying theme of SDA Bocconi and the shared values that should act as a guiding light for new students. During his speech, Professor Grant also wanted to draw attention to how "easy it is to see your progress in relation to learning new concepts and skills on a daily basis. What's more difficult, however, is to recognize that we are changing more profoundly at the level of self-confidence, attitude and interpersonal skills. But, these aspects of our personality are more important than academic knowledge."

Events continued the next day with a special guest speaker, Roland Burt, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Management and Technology, who explained that "the connections and networking you will build will help you solve problems, develop innovations and create value for you and the company you work for," so "push your connections outward, create open networks, and be smart enough to seize the opportunities that come your way."

Students then proceeded with a proper introduction to the structure of the program and the faculty, of all levels. “SDA Bocconi offers an extensive curriculum, which covers all topics related to management," said the School's Managing Director Lucia Benedetti, before specifying that "thanks to the connections established by faculty members with the most important companies in our country and abroad, both public and private, SDA Bocconi is able to provide you students with all the necessary ingredients, but it is you who must make the most of the opportunities."

After that, Sabyne Moras, Head of Career Development, explained what her team does: taking care of the development of young talent. Their work is based on three pillars: counseling, coaching and mentoring. "We will always be here for you. We will do our best to listen to you, understand you, give you the necessary tools and guidance regarding the best opportunities that the job market can offer. Of course, things won't happen without effort and commitment on your part as well, because to help you reach your goals, the starting point will always be what you will be able to create during the MBA."

The Opening Week then concluded over the next three days, which were dedicated to laying a foundation that would allow everyone to get off to the best possible start, with a focus on the ethical side of business. These three days were focused on building a cohesive group that can leverage cultural diversity and internationality. Through different methods of interaction, meetings with facilitators and managers from the business world and large companies, the focus was on highlighting the importance of being able to analyze where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

It was a full first week for everyone and an important moment dedicated to further strengthening the identifying elements and founding values of SDA Bocconi, such as the social aspects that complement a vision of responsible capitalism.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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