SDA Bocconi’s MBA is at the top worldwide for the most innovative disciplines

In The Financial Times Ranking


It is the sum of major factors that gives a great result. And it is the combined evaluation of teaching in the various disciplines that has led SDA Bocconi’s Full-Time MBA to be ranked 13th in the world and 5th in Europe in the 2022 Financial Times’ ranking, one of the most authoritative in the field of business education.

In the most recent evaluations, our FT-MBA is at the top of the global rankings for teaching, occupying all three steps of the podium for its ability to produce and spread knowledge and skills in three areas that are strategic for the future of business and society in general:

  • 1st place worldwide for teaching in Organizational Behavior,
  • 2nd place for the approach to ESG topics,
  • 3rd place for teaching in Economics.

SDA Bocconi’s FT-MBA is first in Europe in all these three rankings.

And the ranking shows other remarkable outcomes, especially considering the high standing of all the competitors: our MBA reaches 5th place in the world and 2nd in Europe for the teaching of General Management; and is in 7th place worldwide and again 1st in Europe for Marketing.

“An MBA must not only build foundational skills and competencies on management, finance, and strategy topics, but also develop the knowledge to interpret the future,” says Stefano Pogutz, Director of SDA Bocconi’s Full-Time MBA. “The results achieved by SDA Bocconi highlight the School’s ability to look ahead, offering a program that helps understand the role that a company plays in the economic system, and prepares managers to face the social and environmental challenges of tomorrow.”

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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