Be unique, be yourself, and get ready to build your future in the financial industry

MCF - Leaders in Finance Series


This is the key message from Michele Croci, Managing Director at JP Morgan and Bocconi Alumnus, to our students of the SDA Bocconi Master in Corporate Finance during the 5th event of the Leaders in Finance Series.

In the interview moderated by the MCF Director, Federico Pippo, Mr. Croci went through his 20 years of career at JP Morgan, which started when he was just 20 in NYC and went through London and Milan, where he is currently Managing Director responsible for Corporate Investment Banking Coverage.

He shared his enthusiasm of investment banking and playing in the Champions League of Finance, where investment bankers deal with the most challenging projects and attain the highest achievements.

Excellence was one of the key words of the speech. If you want to build a successful career path, you must be willing to work hard every day and to develop both technical and soft skills, allowing you to stand out in one of the most competitive sectors and to deliver exceptional client service in a complex economic environment.

Mr. Croci also highlighted the need to be unique and to go beyond your comfort zone. Taking risks, trying things that you have never done before, and being able to manage uncertainty is more important than following a standardized career path.

Finally, he mentioned the importance of trust. Investment banking is based on integrity, responsibility and trust. Trusted and responsible people are the ones able to manage their work-life balance. Carving out the time and being able to manage your own private and profession are some of the most important qualities of a successful leader.

SDA Bocconi School of Management 

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