The School launches a new project: SDABocconi4Gov: “Our Public Management to build the future”.


SDABocconi4GOVThe economic crisis caused by the pandemic emergency has brought the role of Public Sector back to the center of the debate, in support of businesses and citizens. SDA Bocconi School of Management offers to public sector organizations its knowledge, skills and tools acquired in over 50 years of research, training and support. SDABocconi4GOV is an ambitious new project, that aims to develop new knowledge on the renewal process of the public sector and aims to develop the key skills required to implement all changes the PNRR needs to relaunch the role of public management.

The project started with the launch event "Investing in people for a modern and qualified PA" that had the opening speech by the Minister for Simplification and Public Administration of the Italian Republic, Mr. Renato Brunetta.

“The first reforms related to the PNRR show my signature and involve new hires into the public administration, mobility and careers: the faces of the Italian Republic, as President Mattarella called them.

I wanted to start from these, from public human capital, by signing the legal act of 10 March at Palazzo Chigi with the trade unions and by unlocking contract renewals - said the Minister - A climate of social cohesion is necessary to foster innovation and the digital transformation. Also, in that Act there was the commitment to the regulation of home working, that was recently negotiated with ARAN. Now we are working on another social Act dedicated to upskilling and reskilling, a full recharge of batteries that our workforce, both public and private, needed. For the Public Sector we have about €1Billion investment available. We need to restart a virtuous circle based on investment in human capital to get higher wages, more productivity and careers, and more efficiency and quality ".

Giovanni Valotti, Full Professor of the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Bocconi University, in his opening speech observed how "the exit from the Covid-19 emergency and the implementation of the objectives of the PNRR highlight the solid role of modern and efficient Public Management. Simplification, digitization and new skills will be the three pillars of the modernization process. SDA Bocconi School of Management, which celebrates this year 50 years of activities on public sector, has decided to further strengthen its commitment on serving the country, both in terms of managerial research and training for the civil servants and officers.

Only if we invest in people today will we be able to build a better future for the public sector and, consequently, for the whole country. "

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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