CREDEM and SDA Bocconi: training the savings management professionals of tomorrow


How can we develop future leaders in wealth management?

Through experience, but also with training. Expertise has never gone out of style in wealth management, but at such a difficult time, few banks are willing to invest in their talented resources to enable them to create value in managing their clients' financial assets. CREDEM, on the other hand, thinks that this is the right time to grow its people, and has chosen SDA Bocconi to provide an ambitious "Executive Program for Wealth Management Leaders", original in terms of content and educational format. Its contents comprise all the instruments that represent the "toolbox" of the good wealth manager of tomorrow: risk analysis, investment strategies, and portfolio optimization are placed in the broader realm of a debate that considers new sources of financial value such as sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. But to increase the ratio between expected return and risk of Italian investments, and at the same time contribute to the creation of corporate value, something more is needed. That something is a modern and absolutely innovative teaching format for the financial industry, which includes managerial Labs on issues of leadership, entrepreneurship and communication together with occasions in which the top managers of the group engage in co-teaching together with the professors of SDA Bocconi.

Credem Group professionals, over 30 private bankers, managers and specialists in the wealth management area, will participate in the training course created by SDA Bocconi School of Management for the Group with the aim of training experts in the asset management of tomorrow.

This initiative is in line with the Credem Group's strategy of constant investment in people, to the purpose of creating value both for those who work in the Group and for customers who can rely on the solid and up-to-date skills of professionals in the management of family and company assets.

"Investing in training courses of such high standing", declared Lucio Igino Zanon di Valgiurata, President of Credem, "represents a decisive strategic development factor for building a consultancy model that is increasingly up to customer needs and in line with the important changes taking place in the social and economic scenario. The complexity of the general context requires a very detailed reflection on the future and on the professionalism needed to interact with customers. In the world of managed savings and consultancy, we are witnessing an important evolution that involves not only aspects relating to technical skills but also relational and leadership skills. Starting from these considerations, our intention is to prepare the managers of the future, including the use of innovative training and professional growth methods such as those envisaged by the path that we will start on in the next few days ”, concluded Zanon.

"We are very pleased to launch this program, designed and tailor-made in collaboration with SDA Bocconi which has made available teachers and experience of absolute importance and prestige in the Italian scene and beyond", commented Paolo Magnani, Central Director of Credem and Group Wealth Management Area Coordinator. "We have worked hard to build a challenging and comprehensive educational path to offer our best talents, to enable our Group to continue to be a leader and grow in the field of asset and wealth management".

"Investing in people and their professional and personal growth has always been one of the most important objectives of our group," added Stefano Pilastri, Credem Deputy General Manager and Coordinator of the Group's Private Banking Hub. "We believe that an initiative like this Wealth Academy is not just a course but a path of development and job rotation to build reference figures in wealth management for our future".

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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