SERRANO: essential fashion at first glance

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After her experience in the MAFED classrooms, Margarita Serrano, a Colombian native, created a women’s clothing brand in New York offering ideal essentials for any social occasion. She’s already won over America and is now poised to launch her brand in China.

She’s always been ambitious. Since the days of her Law studies in Bogotá, she wanted to create the “perfect” leather jacket. So her passion for fashion drove her far away from law courts and legal offices, taking her from New York to Milan and back again, a trip that led her to become one of the rising young stars of American fashion. Even Forbes recently gave her a long, flattering interview.

Margarita Serrano smiles, thinking back on her time in the Big Apple, fresh out of university and working as an “all-purpose” intern for a fashion company.  That’s when she decided to take the leap: in 2013 she registered for the Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED) at SDA Bocconi, and the following year she founded her eponymous brand: SERRANO.


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