Mueller, the cases of a SDA Bocconi professor among the world’s best sellers

26th out of almost 9,000 authors


Another important international result comes for SDA Bocconi. Urs Mueller, Associate Professor of Practice in the School’s “Strategy & Entrepreneurship” Knowledge Group, strengthens his place in the 2020/21 Top 50 Bestselling Case Authors global ranking, where he is 26th, i.e. 7 places higher than the previous year (33rd in 2019/20). Being among the first 30 authors selected by The Case Centre – the authoritative independent and no-profit international organization that has been disseminating case studies for business education since 1973 – is a very important result, even more so when we consider it comes after a year made difficult by the pandemic and especially that the The Case Centre database includes over 8,800 authors.

Urs Mueller joined SDA Bocconi School of Management, as a Professor of Sustainability, after a long international academic career. His research focuses on business ethics and corporate social responsibility. He is particularly interested in managerial decision-making processes that also have (or should have) a moral component. He is a passionate advocate of the case method and a bestselling case author, who won The Case Centre’s “Outstanding Case Teacher” 2020 competition.

His bestselling case studies in 2020 are “Anna Frisch at Aesch AG: Initiating Lateral Change”, examining the issues related to the change process in a medical-sector company, “Axel Springer and the Quest for the Boundaries of Corporate Responsibility”, which assesses the environmental impact of a publishing company through supply chain control, and “Dealing with Low-cost Competition in the Airline Industry (A): The Case of Lufthansa”, an analysis of the environmental aspects of competing with low-cost air carriers.

Behind these publications is a long process of research and complexity analysis, as Mueller wryly recalls: “At a graduation event an Executive MBA student said to me: ‘You are evil: Your cases don’t have solutions and we couldn’t just google for what the organizations did in order to make smart comments in class.’ And if that is evil – I will take that as the biggest possible compliment for my case writing.”

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