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Find your place in Healthcare



On February 2, a special event took place at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

This event was organized by MBA and MIHMEP students in the Healthcare Club, with the aim of increasing the awareness of candidates regarding their potential in the healthcare sector and market.

"The Find your place in Healthcare was a very interesting initiative set up by our Health Care Club" said Stefano Gatti, Full-Time MBA Director. "The uniqueness of this event was its innovative format, based on the creation of small groups of students that had the chance to discuss a number of different topics directly with a qualified group of speakers, from the Pharma Industry to Health Institutions, operations and consulting. The outcome was a professional forum that was particularly valuable to the attendees"

Gatti continued "who had the chance to understand the options available for their careers. It was also valuable for the School and another demonstration of the capabilities of our clubs to strengthen the network between the School and the business community."



"The Find your place in Healthcare  confirmed what we already knew", said Federico Lega, MIHMEP Director "Healthcare is a vibrant, dynamic, growing and challenging environment. Top managers from different healthcare institutions had a fruitful conversation with MIHMEP and MBA students, and conveyed the clear idea of how much the healthcare sector offers inspiring jobs that need managerial specific skills and competences. Thanks to the Health Care Club and to MIHMEP students for organizing this event that once more shows the strong connection between SDA Bocconi and different healthcare  work contexts."


Guest speakers were experienced professionals working in large companies and institutions such as Novo Nordisk, GSK, AstraZeneca, IMS Health, Instituto Europeo di Oncologia and Johnson & Johnson.
"Many thanks for the invitation to this event. I truly enjoyed the interaction. I was impressed by the business acumen of the participants as well as with the focus not only on business but on social issues." said Costas Piliounis, Corporate Member of Novo Nordisk for more than 30 years. 

"Very useful format both for students and speakers. Good occasion for us to understand what a young MBA candidate is really seeking for his/her career path. Good occasion for them to start understanding what is expected of them out there and how to fine tune their profile to better fit company needs. This event should be repeated." This was the opinion of Luca Baiardo, Principal, Consulting, Quintiles IMS, Italy.

Candidates had the chance to interact with the speakers in small groups, making several rotations and personalized interactions. The structure of the event enabled participants to get the most out of speaker experiences.

"What was different about this event was that its' core structure was based on small team interaction with guest speakers, enabling participants to get the most out of speaker experiences. We strongly believe that this was an initiative that added great value to students and more generally to the Healthcare sector, that can become a more attractive career potential for talented candidates. We are looking forward to future collaboration between business schools and healthcare functions," said Dimitra Nikopoulou, President of SDA Bocconi Healthcare Club. Both students and speakers enjoyed the event and its format. We all wish for future replication".

Source: SDA Bocconi School of Management


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