Sherlock makes 10


Sherlock - Investigating Negotiation, the 10th Management Simulation created by the Learning Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management, debuted for the first time in the classroom on May 27th.

Sherlock is a web-based management simulation created to understand the dynamics of the negotiation through the active and direct involvement of the participants.

"SDA Bocconi School of Management has long established a laboratory dedicated to the research, testing and development of new technologies for teaching and experiential learning: the Learning Lab", says Bruno Busacca, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management and Professor at the Department of Marketing at Bocconi University.  He adds: "thanks to the Learning Lab, SDA Bocconi can rely on advanced learning solutions for the exclusive use of its students, making their learning experience unique".

"1200 participants to 56 events, 10 management simulations, 4 learning solutions for teaching and training, and 3 custom learning solutions since 2010", pointed out Leonardo Caporarello, Director of the Learning Lab and SDA Professor of Organization and Human Resources Management. These figures show how management education at SDA Bocconi is student-centric, with tools such as management simulations, role-playing games, interactive learning solutions and assessments developed by the Learning Lab in collaboration with the Faculty.

"Theoretical learning comes to life and turns into managerial experience. We create environments and experiences that help students discover and build knowledge, as well as solve problems through involvement and active participation", concludes Leonardo Caporarello.

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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