Curriculum Vitae

Leonardo Caporarello is Associate Professor of Practice of Leadership, Organization and Human Resources at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

He is Adjunct Professor of Organization, Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University.

Director of BUILT (Bocconi University Innovations in Learning and Teaching) of Bocconi University; Director of the SDA Bocconi Learning Lab (Educational Innovation Laboratory of the SDA Bocconi, School of Management). He is the coordinator of the Negotiation programs, and faculty member of the Global Executive MBA, and of the Mumbai International School of Business (SDA Bocconi Asia Center, India). He is part of the faculty team of the following topics: leading and managing effective teams, negotiating successfully, dealing with difficult situations and people, leading organizational change initiatives, organizational (re)design. He has a long and wide experience in designing and teaching graduate and executive education programs – onsite, online, blended.

His main research activities focus on organizational behavior area. Currently, he is focusing on four main topics: designing effective online and blended learning experiences; managing organizational change initiatives (either macro or micro levels); leading teams in a co-located and virtual setting; analyzing and redesigning organizational structures and processes.

He is the author of a number of publications on the above topics. Among the latest: co-author of “E-learning effectiveness from a students’ perspective: an empirical study” (forthcoming 2017), Springer;co-author of “Make blended learning happen: conditions for a successful change process in higher education institutions” (2016), Transactions on e-Learning. He has been involved in several national and international conferences and committees, e.g. Track chair of the ItAIS (2016 and 2017); Program Committee member of the ICAT2E (2017); Vice President for Technology-enhanced Learning (ItAIS, 2014); and Member of the Committee, and Digital Communication Chair at the International Conference on Information Systems (2013); Project Leader of the Global Integrative Module Project from 2013-2015. Leonardo has been Visiting Professor at the Keio University in Tokyo (Japan), Fudan University in Shanghai (China) and Visiting Scholar at the Michigan State University (USA). He is a reviewer for some major international conferences and journals, e.g. ECIS, ItAIS, ICIS, Journal of eLearning and Knowledge Society. He is co/author of some online business simulations, developed with the SDA Bocconi Learning Lab. He won the SDA Bocconi 2016 Award “Excellence in Innovation” for Executive Education Custom Programs - Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions.

Leonardo earned a Specialization in Leadership and Negotiation, Negotiating International Business Deals, Harvard Law School (Boston, USA); Ph.D. in Organization and Information Systems, LUISS University (Rome, Italy); Degree in Law and Business Administration, Bocconi University (Milano, Italy).


Books (selection)

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  • Caporarello, L., Baggio, R. (2005) Statistica con SPSS – Esercizi e funzioni base, Egea, Milano

Articles (selection)

  • Caporarello, L., Inesta, A. (2016) Make blended learning happen: conditions for a successful change process in higher education institutions, EAI Transactions on e-Learning
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Online management simulations

  • Caporarello L. (2013) Sherlock: the investigative negotiator, SDA Bocconi Learning Lab
  • Caporarello L. (2013) Gear: make your action plan to effectively manage the organizational change, SDA Bocconi Learning Lab
  • Caporarello L., Manzoni B. (2012) Holyrood: issues in managing a complex project team, SDA Bocconi Learning Lab
  • Caporarello L., Magni M. (2012) John Red: leading your team successfully, SDA Bocconi Learning Lab

Conference papers (selection)

  • Caporarello, L., Magni, M., Pennarola, F. (2016) Let’s learn together: team integration climate, individual states and learning using computer-based simulations, Italian Chapter of Association for Information Systems, Verona, Italy
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