The value of post-graduate education in international healthcare

Mihmep, Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy


Healthcare needs to face the ever more complex challenges of treatment and assistance through decisions that marry innovation and sustainability.


This requires technical skills interwoven with the managerial knowledge needed to identify and address the peculiarities of a sector whose goal is safeguarding health and thus has important effects on individuals, organizations and society as a whole. If you consider the more and more global dimension of both issues and possible solutions, together with the need to adapt them to local contexts and local availability of resources, opening up to international exchanges is vital.


International post-graduate healthcare education needs to provide participants with specific and integrated economic, managerial and policy-making skills to successfully work in diverse healthcare entities: hospitals and their suppliers, national policy-makers, international organizations, NGOs, research centers and consulting firms.


How important these specific and integrated skills are is clear when you talk to participants in the first SDA Bocconi School of Management’s Master in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy, Mihmep. In two recent meetings they have shared how, thanks to the skills acquired during the Masters’s among others, they could make their way in various directions: hospitals (King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation in the UK, Hospital Quirónsalud in Spain) and global companies running specific health programs (ENI); international foundations to promote access to healthcare in low-income countries (Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) and global suppliers of healthcare systems (Novartis); NGOs (Médecins Sans Frontières) and strategic and technical consultancy in healthcare product marketing (Wellmera).


The participants in the Master’s have also witnessed of a further value added: the course has strengthened their network at an international level, and its importance for professional development and success cannot not be overestimated. Mihmep (next edition starts January 2021) has put them through to 625 Alumni in 75 countries.



SDA Bocconi School of Management


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