Lifelong learning, investing in education to reinvent Italy

SDA Bocconi at the Italian government’s Economic Recovery Plan summit


You can learn from a crisis. Now that Italians have to “reinvent the country”, as premier Giuseppe Conte said at the end of the summit on Economic Recovery known as “Stati Generali”, we need to build on the lessons of the global crisis and the unprecedented paralysis of all activities. The ideas, creativity and competences of individuals and organizations have been vital to overcome the hardest phase and will be even more so in view of starting over again. We really cannot stop now.


Education is a strategic economic asset: The Prime Minister shares this belief, and has thus called the representatives of Italian business education to join the summit on 20 June. SDA Bocconi was present with Dean Giuseppe Soda, along with Luiss Business School and Bologna Business School’s respective Deans Paolo Boccardelli and Massimo Bergami. The subject on the table was the role of managerial education. Our School addressed an undoubtedly crucial topic for the professional and managerial future of the country: lifelong learning.


Actually, learning can no longer be a once and for all matter any more. The present economic and labor conditions simply do not allow that. And lifelong learning is no longer an option for a few specialized roles; it has become necessary for any professional profile, and is at the same time an inescapable condition for companies and the entire national system to recover competitiveness.


There is plenty of room for improvement in a country like Italy where post-graduate education isn’t widespread enough, it is mainly attended by men, and not always provided by institutions with a strong scientific background, effective teaching methods and a perspective vision of future developments in the job market. This is why the task for management education is harder and the challenge greater. Now more than ever, we need to set the premises for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to grow and be able – in a future that is just around the corner – to work for Italy as a “modern, sustainable, inclusive, green” country.


SDA Bocconi School of Management

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