Data monetization: from volume to value

SDA Bocconi Insight - Podcast - G. Salviotti


How much is the global market for big data worth? According to some recent estimates, the total value is around 50 billion dollars. 

Yet the big data market isn’t about technical solutions or support services alone. It encompasses all data exchanges that can involve every single personbuying Twitter followers or agreeing to share’ their personal data with brokers or intermediaries. In other words, data monetization - a potentially massive market that’s difficult to estimate. To understand the mechanisms of this market we can apply the supply chain model which, in this case, follows five fundamental steps. 

In this podcast Gianluca Salviotti, Associate Professor of Practice di Information Systems and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi School of Management, tells us about the five-step path that characterizes the big data market, from “data as a service” to  “knowledge as a service.”  


This podcast is in Italian.

You can listen to it on the dedicated page.

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