#insiemecelafaremo and the company as an island

SDA Bocconi Insight - Zoom On - Andrea Dossi


#insiemecelafaremo – together we’ll make it – is one of the hottest trending hashtags here in Italy during this lockdown. It gives us a sense of community; it warms our hearts – both essential sentiments to help us overcome the Covid-19 crisis. But the concept of unity must shape not only economic policy and individual initiatives but the actions of companies as well.


We all see it clearly now: the crisis will be deep. Because it’s different from the crises that have come before: this one, for the first time in history, was set off by a shock in supply deriving from a stop in supply chains. Because the risk is setting a vicious circle in motion: the initial shock could trigger a drop in demand, the size and shape of which is still unclear, that in turn will negatively impact supply. Because this crisis necessitates economic policies that will weigh heavily on the future: projections for the 2020 deficit exceed 10%, and the national debt will verge on 160% of GNP. Numbers that underscore an insupportable risk for Italy as an individual country without the umbrella of coverage from Europe. #insiemealleuropacelafaremo (together with Europe we’ll make it).



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