Content sharing, phase 2: SDA Bocconi Insight launches podcasts

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Milano, 26 May 2020
A culture of innovation is a matter of contents and containers. The first generate knowledge, the latter directly impact on dissemination. Deep analysis of context, clear definition of objectives, rigorous research methods are to building knowledge just like the introduction of new communication styles and use of diverse channels are to the process of sharing that same knowledge. A few months after kick-off, SDA Bocconi Insight reinforces the School’s commitment to openness and inclusiveness by adding a new and important feature to the service: podcast contents.


A move that perfectly fits the broader strategic goal of creating a repository for the best contents by SDA Bocconi’s faculty and community. As Dean Giuseppe Soda underscores, “podcasts integrate written content, columns, blogs, and live events on SDA Bocconi Insight multi-format platform, adding to the interaction ecosystem of our community at large”.


Especially in the present time of physical restrictions, sharing also means creating more opportunities for people to meet thanks to effective and widespread multimedia. Hence the decision to post these contents even on major podcasting platforms, such as Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast.


Five podcasts are already available and many more will come soon, adding up to a series of theme playlists. The format is based on “smart break” videos, lasting 10 minutes or less and devoted to specific themes. Here are the titles of the first podcasts:


In our podcasts you will find suggestions, ideas, and specific information that managers and entrepreneurs can apply to various functional and organizational contexts. With a constant focus on the most innovative solutions and the advantage of quick usability, podcasts are especially useful in today’s difficult situation. But they are designed to last in time and bring you always a step forward.


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