SDA Bocconi announces its exclusive partnership with Cartier

EMiLUX - Executive Master In Luxury Management


SDA Bocconi School of Management is proud to announce the new edition of SDA Bocconi EMiLUX 2020-2021, the post-experience modular program on luxury management.

7 modules spanning over Milano, Rome, Dubai, London, Paris and Mumbai will be enriched by selected collaborations with prestigious partners.

SDA Bocconi is particularly honored to announce that Cartier will act as its main partner for EMiLUX, starting in October 2020.

The international luxury Maison will contribute to enrich the new Executive Master in Luxury Management in different ways. An entire module of the Master will be held in Paris where Cartier’s executives will share their insights on a key luxury issue: “Crafting Brands through Arts and Culture”, a module which will be nourished by its long-time commitment to art through the Foundation Cartier for Contemporary Art created in 1984 as well as its dedication to preserve, transmit and celebrate craftsmanship. From Arts & culture to Luxury values and heritage as well as Brand management & analysis and Trends & concepts of hard luxury will be deepen in the module

“Cartier is a constant source of inspiration for the whole luxury industry. It is difficult to find another brand with the same ability to innovate and to remain distinctive and loyal to its values. Cartier is a textbook example of how a luxury brand can cover all the bases – from product development to customer experience, from craftsmanship to digital strategy – providing exceptional expertise to our participants. This is an invaluable partnership for SDA Bocconi” says Gabriella Lojacono, EMiLUX Director.

“We are thrilled to partner with the renowned SDA Bocconi,” adds Béatrice Wenzel-Lux-Krönig, International Human Resources Director of Cartier. “This  unique collaboration further strengthens our commitment to support the new generation to become the luxury leaders of tomorrow. We are honored to contribute to this program and continue to foster dialogues between business and education.”   



SDA Bocconi School of Management

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