SDA Bocconi online: lifelong learning is now an affordable luxury


For the first time, SDA Bocconi is offering full online courses with the aim of providing inclusive and affordable education. These courses guarantee quality and flexibility while overcoming geographical, economical and psychological constraints. Women also get a 20% discount.


Cinematic videos, an elegant and intuitive graphical interface, a sophisticated teacher/user interaction, as well as a fully independent fruition adapted to the calendar that best fits your professional needs – This is the idea of affordable luxury that SDA Bocconi School of Management is applying to lifelong learning. SDA Bocconi is now launching its online programs on


«Thanks to online education we want to overcome every geographical, economical and psychological barrier and give everybody the opportunity to enjoy high-quality lifelong learning», says Gabriele Troilo, associate dean of SDA Bocconi’s Open Market and New Business Division. «Use of the most effective technologies and high-end means of production go hand in hand with very low costs».


Both the online courses as well as the 20% discount for women are part of SDA Bocconi’s commitment to inclusivity. The 20% discount is also applicable to online programs.


All online programs make intensive use of videos and interactive animations, and present numerous web-based case studies and interviews with experienced managers and entrepreneurs. These programs also include self-evaluation tools that allow participants to gauge their learning before sitting for the final test which awards the course certificate. All participants who complete the program will gain access to #Mine, SDA Bocconi’s alumni community which constantly organizes events to keep managers and entrepreneurs up to date.


The analogy with the entertainment industry goes beyond production quality to reach fruition mode. «Our ambition is to become the Netflix of education, a platform delivering modular education in accordance with times, needs and circumstances of everyone», says Troilo.


The first programs included in our online portfolio are: The Skill of Selling; Financing corporate growth; IT management; Personal branding; Fundamentals of budgeting; and Fundamentals of data analysis for managers. Courses in the second part of the year will tackle subjects relating to specific professional profiles: Visual merchandising; Blockchain; Python for marketeers. Courses have a suggested duration of 5 to 9 weeks but are available online to participants for 4 months after enrolment. This guarantees flexibility in terms of time and commitment. Prices vary from 150 to 600 euros plus VAT.



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