Astoria and Wega partner with SDA Bocconi for the Master of Management in Food & Beverage


Astoria and Wega, two of the most important brands of espresso machines in the world, are lending their support to the Master of Management in Food & Beverage of SDA Bocconi School of Management, which offers management training in F&B and related fields, such as manufacturing, hospitality and retailing.

This one-year, full-time international program is taught in English and gives participants the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical skills needed to cover a wide range of key roles, from product to brand management, from sales to marketing direction. The program combines lectures with tutorials, case studies, group activities, meetings with senior managers and opinion leaders from the industry, as well as a field project.

This innovative Master has already seen Federico Gallia, President of Astoria and Wega and alumnus of SDA Bocconi, take to the lecture stand as he continues to consolidate his relationship with the School: "As a company operating in this sector, we are pleased to be able to make our contribution to this Master and play a part in training highly specialized resources. The international scope of this program, which attracts students from abroad too, fits in perfectly with the philosophy of our two brands, which are present in 140 countries. It’s important for us to introduce future managers in the Food & Beverage sector to the coffee business. This is a constantly evolving sector that is full of opportunities, thanks to new models of consumption. Our company wants to play its part in this, by paying close attention to products and quality, and by disseminating accurate information and promoting the culture of coffee all around the world. Supporting the Master of Management in Food & Beverage fits perfectly within this plan."

The Master develops relationships with businesses in different ways, as explained by Vittoria Veronesi, Director of MFB: "Our partnership with Astoria and Wega is a perfect example of the contribution made by some of the companies that actively cooperate with the program. In particular, our collaboration with Astoria and Wega has resulted in the lecture delivered by Mr Gallia, an assignment that he created specifically for the participants, and a field project involving one or two participants for 12 weeks, during which they will work to achieve a number of objectives set by the company. Last but not least, Astoria and Wega have offered a merit-based scholarship, a tangible sign of how much the company believes in training young people and wants to offer someone talented the opportunity to grow and develop."

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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