April to December 2019

A set of online courses with the aim of providing students with a common knowledge set before starting some specific courses.
The courses provide participants of varying backgrounds with a common language and understanding of the given course.


Where Online Sessions
Individual self assessment at the end of the tutorial

Course Descriptions

Firm and its Environment
The objective of the course is threefold: to provide participants with an overall introduction to the key dimensions of managerial decision making; to start introducing some of the most commonly used analytical tools in business administration; and finally to invite them to reflect on their role as managers and some of the main challenges and dilemmas they will face.

Quantitative Methods
Building a common mathematical-statistics background to support GEMBA participants in the understanding of quantitative issues and of their use in economics, finance and management.

Accounting & Finance
The course is designed to provide an understanding of financial statements and its successful completion should result in the ability to read and meaningfully interpret financial statements that are prepared and disseminated by business entities.

Operations Management
This course aims to provide participants with an overview of the main topics in operations management and new product development. Some of the tools participants will acquire are the ability to discuss the formulation of operations strategy; to quantify the main operational performances of a manufacturing process; and to Illustrate the overall structure of the new product development process.

Organizational Design
This tutorial will provide participants with the analytical tools needed to handle the complexity of organizational design in the face of an increasingly globalized and fast-changing business environment.

Introduction to Marketing
The objectives of the course are to introduce you to some fundamental marketing concepts; to prepare your knowledge for assessing the potential of new markets and researching new competitors and new customers.