Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship

ICE  presents the following verticals, each characterized by a specific expertise gained in the area.

A European hub for the exchange of ideas addressing innovation, governance and valuation topic. The Hub will support the operational needs expressed by members in financial services. The hub will coordinate research activities that will be published in annual reports and other publications. The hub offers tailor-made training courses, Workshops and training programs for the improvement of governance and valuation capabilities applied to the tech world. The hub will also support the implementation of innovative ideas in financial services through competitions between start-ups.

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Digital Tech

Harnessing the most important technologies available today and applying them to a wide array of industries.
Examples include: B2B + B2C software, SaaS solutions, marketplaces, fintech, insuretech, marketing tech, adtech, HR tech, AR+VR, IoT, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and more.

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Made in Italy

Emphasising the skills surrounding Italy’s most famous brand mapping, focusing on fashion, food, and design excellences with a 360 business view.

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Exploring the highly relevant role of climate change, social entrepreneurship, circular economy, smart communities & smart cities, and clean-tech.