Stefano Gatti

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

CASELLI S., GATTI S., Chiarella C., GIGANTE G., NEGRI G. Do shareholders really matter for firm performance? Evidence from the ownership characteristics of Italian listed companies International Review of Financial Analysis, 2023, vol.86, pp.102544
Garcia-Appendini E., GATTI S., Nocera G. Does asset encumbrance affect bank risk? Evidence from covered bonds Journal of Banking & Finance, 2023, vol.146, pp.106705
VECCHI V., CUSUMANO N., Casady C. B., GATTI S., BORGONOVO E. Addressing Adverse Selection in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Procurement: An Agent-Based Approach Public Works Management & Policy, 2022, vol.27, no. 4, pp.371–395
GATTI S., Ivanova M. N., Pündrich G. Corporate Bankruptcy and Directors’ Reputation: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects on Public Debt Contracts Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance, 2021, pp.1-25
BATTAUZ A., GATTI S., PRENCIPE A., Viarengo L. Earnouts: The real value of disagreement in mergers and acquisitions* European Financial Management, 2021, vol.27, no. 5, pp.981-1024
GATTI S., DI CASTELNUOVO M. G., PANERAI A. L'evoluzione delle utilities energetiche nell’era della smart city in Smart City - L'evoluzione di un'idea Ferrari G.F. (Eds),Mimesis Edizioni, 2020

Grants & Honors

Teaching Award - Graduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2021
Best Professor of the Year - Graduate School - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi , 2019
Best full time MBA Professor - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2006

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