Silvia Zamboni

Operations and Technology Management


Latest publications

ZAMBONI S. The “Other” Made in Italy: the Italian Machine Tool Industry in Made in Italy Industries: Managerial issues and best practices Lojacono G., Carcano L.(Ed), Bocconi University Press - BUP, chap. 9, pp.159-178, 2018
SAVIOZZI F., SALVIOTTI G., ZAMBONI S. Le regole del gioco degli enterprise social network: il caso Reply Economia & Management, 2014, vol.6, pp.84-100
ZAMBONI S., Antognazza A. Elica in Supply chain management e made in Italy R. Secchi (Eds),Egea, pp.175-188, 2012
ZAMBONI S. Promuovere e gestire l'innovazione in azienda: le competenze richieste al Business Innovation Manager Economia & Management, 2010, vol.4, pp.54-55
ZAMBONI S., BAGLIERI E., FIORILLO V. Temi di management. Produzione e tecnologia Economia & Management, 2010, vol.4, pp.54-55
BAGLIERI E., ZAMBONI S. I nuovi ruoli dell'innovazione: il business innovation manager Economia & Management, 2009, vol.5, pp.9-17

Grants & Honors

Best Case Award - Section Bringing Technology to the Market, with the case “787 Dreamliner Cleared for Take-off?” Part A, B, C, with V. Fiorillo and R. Secchi - The Case Centre , 2013
Case of the year Award for the Case 'Distance Learning ' with V. Belvedere, M. Dellantonio, R. Secchi, G. Stabilini - SDA Bocconi School of Management , 2003

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