Paola Musile Tanzi

Banking and Insurance


Latest publications

MUSILE TANZI P. (Ed.) Manuale del Private Banker. VIII Edizione Egea, Milano, Italy, 2022
BURCHI A., MARTELLI D., MUSILE TANZI P. Sustainable and Responsible Investments: Same sea, Different Fishes? in Socially Responsible Investments, Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance, La Torre Mario, Chiappini Helen (Eds),Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 6, pp.101-124, 2019
MUSILE TANZI P., Aruanno E., Suardi M. A European banking business models analysis: the investment services case Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 2018, vol.26, no. 1, pp.35-57
MUSILE TANZI P. Supporting an Effective Risk Culture in Private Banking/Wealth Management in Risk Culture in Banking Carretta Alessandro, Fiordelisi Franco, Schwizer Paola(Ed), Palgrave Macmillan, chap. 13, pp.285-306, 2017
TRINCHERO E., Bonetti M., Cirillo P., MUSILE TANZI P. An Analysis of the Number of Medical Malpractice Claims and Their Amounts Plos One, 2016, vol.11, no. 4, pp.e0153362
Comanac A., MUSILE TANZI P., ANCARANI F. Insurance Companies and E-Marketing Activities: An Empirical Analysis in the Italian Market in The "Dematerialized" Insurance Distance Selling and Cyber Risks from an International Perspective P. Marano, I. Rokas, P. Kochenburger (Eds),Springer, pp.85-113, 2016

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