Olga Annushkina

Strategy and Operations


Latest publications

ANNUSHKINA O., REGAZZO A. The Art of Going Global. A Practical Guide to a Firm's International Growth Palgrave Macmillan, Great Britain, 2020
ANNUSHKINA O., Merchant H., TRINCA COLONEL R., Berselli E. How do emerging markets differ from developed markets?: A conceptual and empirical analysis in Handbook of Contemporary Research on Emerging Markets H. Merchant (Eds),Edward Elgar Publishing, chap. 1, 2016
ANNUSHKINA O., INVERNIZZI G. Strategy Execution at Mediolanum Bank in The Italian Model of Management L.Serio (Eds),Greenleaf Publishing, pp.103-119, 2016
ANNUSHKINA O., Gryaznova A., Marsheva V. Art of Management. Experience of orchestra directors (L’arte di dirigere. Esperienza dei direttori d’orchestra) Economia & Management, 2015, no. 2, pp.89-111
ANNUSHKINA O. The internationalization of Russian mobile telecommunications operators in Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy (International Finance Review, Volume 15) C. Pattnaik, V. Kumar(Ed), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.121-144, 2014
ANNUSHKINA O., TRINCA COLONEL R. Foreign market selection by russian MNEs: beyond a binary approach? Critical Perspectives on International Business, 2013, vol.9, no. 1/2, pp.58-87

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