Nicola Misani

Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Governance


Latest publications

Russo A., POGUTZ S., MISANI N. Paving the road toward eco-effectiveness: Exploring the link between greenhouse gas emissions and firm performance Business Strategy and the Environment, 2021, vol.30, no. 7, pp.3065-3078
MISANI N. Perché e come essere B Corp o Società Benefit - Why and How to Be a B Corp or Benefit Corporation Economia & Management, 2021, no. 1, pp.26-30
TENCATI A., CASTALDO S., MISANI N. A Qualified Account of Supererogation: Toward a Better Conceptualization of Corporate Social Responsibility Business Ethics Quarterly, 2020, vol.30, no. 2, pp.250-272
MISANI N. Sustainability and Implicit Contracts in Business and Society 360 – Sustainability D. Wasieleski, J. Weber(Ed), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, chap. 5, pp.81-97, 2020
MISANI N., Varacca Capello P. Fashion Collections Egea, Milano, Italy, 2017
Del Bosco B., MISANI N. The effect of cross-listing on the environmental, social, and governance performance of firms Journal of World Business, 2016, vol.51, no. 6, pp.977-990

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