Laura Zoni

Accounting and Control


Latest publications

DERCHI G. B., ZONI L., DOSSI A. Corporate Social Responsibility Performance, Incentives, and Learning Effects Journal Of Business Ethics, July, 2020
ZONI L., PIPPO F. CFO and finance function: what matters in value creation Journal Of Accounting And Organizational Change, 2017, vol.13, no. 2, pp.216-238
ZONI L., DOSSI A. Quality of Performance Measurement Systems of Intangibles and Goodwill Impairment Losses Quaderni Dipartimento Di Science Economiche E Sociali, 2015, vol.111, pp.1-39
ZONI L., MORELLI M., DOSSI A. Does the organizational life cycle affect the management accounting system (MAS) change pattern? a review of case studies Management Control, 2012, no. 3, pp.7-37
ZONI L., DOSSI A., MORELLI M. Management accounting system change: field evidence Asia-Pacific Journal Of Accounting & Economics, 2012, vol.Vol. 19, no. No. 1, pp.119-138
CAGLIO A., ZONI L. Internet technologies and interactivity of management controlsystems: some empirical evidence Problems And Perspectives In Management, 2010, vol.8, no. 4, pp.58-71

Grants & Honors

Research Award - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore , 2013
Highly Commended Award - Emerald Literati Network , 2008