Laura Baruffaldi

Curriculum Vitae

Laura Baruffaldi is SDA Lecturer and she works with SDA Bocconi since 2018. She teaches in open market initiatives and custom programs on the themes of leadership, stress management, communication and assertiveness, and age diversity within organizational boundaries.

Her research and design activities of new content and formats for management development focus on four main areas: 1) understanding and developing self-leadership; 2) understanding and leveraging on age diversity in order to create intergenerational value; 3) identifying and developing key competences for work-life integration; 4) developing creative leaders able to face innovation and change related challenges.

She is the author of the book “Leading Millennials. Understand the new generations to build successful collaborations in the organizations” and she has been lecturer at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018 with the working paper «A Study on Work-Family Enrichment: How Do Leaders Enrich Employees’ Family Lives?».

At Bocconi University, she is part of the Management and Technology Department and she is responsible of the undergraduate course "Leadership Skills". She earned a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior at IE Business School (Madrid), specializing in topics such as leadership, work-life integration and individual motivation. She graduated in 2010 in Marketing Management at Bocconi University and she has worked as a researcher in the Management and Technology Department of Bocconi University for two years on sustainability-related topics.

- Leadership
- Stress Management
- Work-life Integration
- Age Diversity & Inclusion
- Communication and Assertiveness