Giovanni Battista Derchi

Accounting and Control


Latest publications

Martin-Rios C., Poretti C., DERCHI G. B. Three Anchoring Managerial Mechanisms to Embed Sustainability in Service Organizations Sustainability, 2022, vol.14, no. 1, pp.265
DERCHI G. B., ZONI L., DOSSI A. Corporate Social Responsibility Performance, Incentives, and Learning Effects Journal of Business Ethics, 2021, vol.173, no. 3, pp.617–641
DERCHI G. B., ZONI L. Remunerazione e Incentivazione del top management. Meccanismi ESG based in Il valore della sostenibilità. Modelli emergenti di rendicontazione non finanziaria tra le imprese italiane leader ESG D. Galli, R. Torelli (Eds),Franco Angeli, pp.157-185, 2021
DAVILA A., DERCHI G. B., Oyon D., Schnegg M. The Performance of International Sport Organizations: Some Insights in Le système olympique. Passé, présent et futur Emmanuel Bayle (Eds),Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes (PPUR), pp.199-214, 2019
DERCHI G. B., Davila A., Oyon D. Corporate governance: challenges for international sports federations in Collected Insights on Governance and Ethics J. C. Landrove, G. Hendriks (Eds),AISTS - International Academy of Sport Science and Technology, 2017
DOSSI A., CUGINI A., DERCHI G., GHEZZI L. Strategia, Azioni e Misure. Modelli di successo di performance management delle imprese italiane Egea, Milano, Italy, 2016

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