Francesco Candeloro Billari

Government, Health and Not for Profit


Latest publications

BILLARI F. C. Demography: Fast and Slow Population and Development Review, 2022, vol.48, no. 1, pp.9-30
Pesando L. M., Rotondi V., Stranges M., Kashyap R., BILLARI F. C. The Internetization of International Migration Population and Development Review, 2021, vol.47, no. 1, pp.79-111
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Barban N., BILLARI F. C., de Luna X., Lundholm E., Svensson I. Causal Effects of the Timing of Life-course Events: Age at Retirement and Subsequent Health Sociological Methods & Research, 2020, vol.49, no. 1, pp.216-249
Lazarus J. V., Ratzan S., Palayew A., BILLARI F. C., Binagwaho A., Kimball S., Larson H. J., MELEGARO A., Rabin K., White T. M., El-Mohandes A., Hotchkiss D. COVID-SCORE: A global survey to assess public perceptions of government responses to COVID-19 (COVID-SCORE-10) Plos One, 2020, vol.15, no. 10, pp.e0240011
Rotondi V., Kashyap R., Pesando L. M., Spinelli S., BILLARI F. C. Leveraging mobile phones to attain sustainable development Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Usa (Pnas), 2020, vol.117, no. 24, pp.13413-13420

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