The convergence of Life Sciences and Digital Technologies has created, for the first time in history, a real opportunity for cross-fertilization between industries and competences.


The LIFT Lab, directed by Anna Gatti, Associate Professor of Practice in Strategy and Entrepreneurship with extensive experience at the World Health Organization and Big Tech Corporations in Silicon Valley, aims to be the Think-Tank at the cutting edge of convergence between life sciences and digital technologies, and its impact on business and society. The Think-Tank merges the ideas and insights generated by the LIFT Lab and the academic excellence of SDA Bocconi, in collaboration with MIT, with the contributions of a broad and multidisciplinary community of professionals, practitioners and researchers.


The goal of the LIFT Lab is to bring together diversified perspectives, experiences and backgrounds consistently assessing the business implications of technologies and the value generation they can enable.


Why LIFT Lab?

SDA Bocconi’s skills and competencies make it the best fit to become the first “non technological” School to address coherently and rigorously convergence between digital Technologies and Life Sciences, and its business impact across industries.


The need for a better understanding of the innovation driven by biotech and convergence between digital and life sciences is clearer than ever. Big Tech investments in life sciences and health have consistently grown since 2012 signaling cross-fertilization between sectors. A growing aging population demands new products, services and solutions that venture capitalists are looking forward to funding.
The most recent pandemic has opened up a more vibrant debate around how innovate traditional clinical trial models and new drug discovery processes. A great deal of new “cool technologies” will take over the glossy cover pages of magazines this decade. This is going to be the Life Science decade as last decade has been the A.I. decade. Which one of these new technologies is proficient? Which one is ready to scale to consumers? Which one is ready to scale to consumers?Which regulatory implications will this new technology bring in? Is this new technology ready for my organization? Is my organization ready for this new technology?


The importance of assessing technologies’ readiness for scaling and adoption is paramount to guide not only investments, but also organizational change and regulations.


On top of a multidisciplinary faculty covering business from all perspectives, the LIFT Lab can rely on the cooperation with two, well established SDA Bocconi competence centers (CERGAS, Center for Research on Health and Social Care Management and DEVO Lab) and a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - M.I.T, one of the top research centers in the field of technologies for life sciences.


LIFT Lab Operating Model

The LIFT Lab acts as a Think Tank to steer the different streams of activities and generate research proposals:

Continuous Research

LIFT Lab Radar

To help executives and boards in assessing the short and medium term impact of key life sciences technologies on their industry and enterprise.

Yearly Research

In-depth research initiative selected within a research catalogue comprising the most impactful tech trends.

Custom Research

Sponsored Research

Vertical drill-down research on specific technologies or cross-domain initiatives funded by one or a set of committed Founding Members.


Life sciences and digital Convergence will disrupt industries, business models and many of our user habits, revealing new opportunities for growth.


LIFT Lab stakeholders are:

  • All organizations conscious that starting or accelerating their life sciences transformation will give them competitive advantage
  • Key players in the pharma and health industry who want to foster innovation across different industries
  • Suppliers eager to establish their product and service as a backbone of the life sciences transformation
  • Regulators and/or law practitioners interested in learning what triggers life sciences innovation so that they can intelligently regulate or advise about it
  • Financial services that valuing investments and/or insurance coverage of innovative products and services steamed from life science transformation and its convergence with digital technologies
  • Associations representing services and industries impacted by life science transformation.


LIFT Lab leverages a partnership with M.I.T. to discover emerging solutions and to bring a frontier tech perspective to all its research streams.
A report on disruptive technologies and their convergence is shared every year with all Founding Members.