Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance

Research Report 2023

Download the REPAiR Lab, Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance Research Report


Identifying models and value indicators long term to evaluate sustainable risk and adapt it to new social and environmental challenges.

Creating a framework that promotes new responsible, patient and reliable finance tools, studying the growing role of public finance in long-term investments.

Promoting educational opportunities in the realm of responsibility and impact investing.

Understanding the impact of responsible, patient and reliable finance on traditional risk-return models used by investors in their decision-making processes.

Analyzing innovative financial tools that are consistent with the 2030 European Agenda ("Green Deal").

Mapping and studying the progress of existing financing solutions for businesses, as well as existing measurement and rating criteria and tools for businesses themselves to achieve social and environmental and other non-financial goals consistent with the regulator inputs.

Activity and initiatives

Our work consists of various activities and initiatives:

  • Periodical publications
  • Analysis, research, evaluations and investigations
  • Articles and interviews with experts
  • Conferences
  • Development of proprietary databases
  • Definition of best practices
  • Lobbying


ESG e finanza sostenibile per la creazione di valore Best Performance Award Program
  • Start Date
  • Duration
  • Format
  • Language
  • 6 Oct 2023
  • 9 days
  • Class
  • Italian

Acquisire una visione dei temi ESG nella finanza e conoscere le best practice in materia di investimenti sostenibili per creare valore duraturo per tutti gli stakeholder.