Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance

The REPAiR (Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance) Lab is a research and innovation laboratory born from a joint initiative between SDA Bocconi School of Management and CRIF, which serves as funding member. CRIF is a global company specializing in credit and business information systems and advanced digital solutions for business development and open finance.

Responsible, Patient and Reliable Finance

'Enough with the idea that finance is a privilege for the few and a detriment to many and that it is centered on the exchange of virtual objects and ultimately detrimental to the real economy and society. Our finance is about values and sustainability. It is a discipline that serves families, businesses, banks and government and nonprofit organizations that must ensure balance and long-term prospects. Our finance is closely tied to wellbeing and its guiding values are responsibility, patience and reliability.'


REPAiR finance is based on three pillars:

It is Responsible. It is not an end in itself and is not self-referential. It looks to the long term and rejects profitability that punishes sustainability and "squeezes" organizations. It upholds profit and the generation of cash flow as indispensable conditions of entrepreneurial activity and responsibly defends compliance with rules and the rights of legitimate stakeholders in economic and social systems. It advocates and defends "fair return" for individuals and organizations. REPAiR Finance is not afraid to pit itself against deeply rooted paradigms to responsibly uphold and propose the values it believes in and transparently declares.

It is Patient. It is not in a rush. The generation of monetary benefit in pursuit of robust rates of return cannot be a threat to the growth and soundness of the prospects of individuals and organizations. REPAiR Finance aims for balance and compliance with conditions that are conducive to the achievement of this. It understands and defends the interests of investors and financial intermediaries, which are central and irreplaceable actors in economic and social systems. At the same time, it urges them to be responsible and sensitive, along with having due respect for the recipients of their resources. And it urges them to balance the just pursuit of returns with the need to advocate and defend values related to ESG factors

It is Reliable. It is solid, credible, rigorous, friendly. REPAiR Finance serves the real economy and all its protagonists, from businesses to families, from banks to public administration, from governments to welfare and nonprofit organizations. It helps each of these protagonists analyze and plan for the present and the future, to gather and deploy resources, to consciously manage risks, to grow in a balanced way organically or through aggregations, and to deal responsibly with crises and re-organization. More than any other player in the real economy, it is a friendly travel companion as well as a strong guide toward respecting everyone's legitimate rights and long-term sustainability.


REPAiR Lab sees finance as a foundation on which the economy and society can build a better future and seeks to respond to the need for new knowledge and corresponding action of all stakeholders involved in the ESG ecosystem: institutions, households, businesses, financial operators, and individuals. In this new perspective, ESG is not an end but a means for pursuing balanced, sound and sustainable growth.

REPAiR Lab seeks to be a new point of reference for different players who act without preconceived notions and with a desire for change, where regards unbalanced and unsustainable (if not disrespectful) real-world financial standards. It wants to be a research and action group that can promote an authoritative dialogue with domestic and international political, regulatory and financial authorities as well as with the economic and social universe.


REPAiR Lab seeks to:


  • Conduct intense research and spread the inspirational principles of REPAiR finance.
  • Enhance and promote the rationale and tools of finance, putting them at the service of growth and organizations.
  • Stimulate the interest and attention of companies, financial intermediaries, investors, analysts and the world of research, towards the dissemination of financial tools that respect REPAiR values.
  • Develop a long-term vision and pursue "fair return" goals.
  • Encourage change (or removal) of established paradigms that are not aligned with sustainability principles.
  • Make available principles and standards designed to measure the ESG performance of organizations and the consequences for the value of those organizations and the price of related securities.
  • Stimulate policy and governments, as well as regulators, to consider and introduce those systemic changes necessary to foster balanced growth and respect for the rights of all stakeholders in the economy and society deserving of protection.


Drawing from its network of Italian and international regulatory and analytical experts, this new SDA Bocconi-CRIF research center is for all market operators who want to embrace a new dimension of finance, offering them rigorous and current research, benchmarks and analytical indicators that enable them to transform these ideas and values into concrete business and service models.

Leaders of the financial market

Insurance companies

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Banks and Merchant Banks

Asset managers

Account holders

Regulators and policymakers



Small- and medium-sized enterprises

Trade associations

Institutional investors

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Family Offices

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